Portraits of Creatives: Ali Zigeli

We love to work with a creative community that deliver high quality, engaging work for our clients. Backbone Creatives Portraits is our series where we take a look behind the scenes and celebrate the awesome creatives that have helped us become the go-to company for real estate visuals. We treasure our community of creatives. Here is the story of one of them.

Ali Zigeli is a freelance photographer and videographer who has studied architecture in the past, so he definitely has a good eye for what makes a building beautiful. Ali is from Montenegro and moved to Switzerland a few years ago. As well as studying architecture, he has also studied English linguistics, while maintaining an interest in photography. All of these skills together are one of the main reasons we work with Ali. His passion for what he does shines through in his work.

Ali’s professional photography started with a fashion brand. But his enthusiasm for photography was to follow his passions and work for himself. And that’s where we found him. Ali was looking online for some photography jobs and came across us. The relationship has built from there. We love Ali’s work – and he loves working with us!

We have a great deal of respect for someone who has gone to a new country, learned his trade and now excels at it. Ali is a shining example of that. And the Backbone community is filled with people just like Ali. We work with passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking people just like Ali - and you!

We Love Working With Passionate And Talented Creatives Like Ali

Ali has worked with us on over 100 missions now, ensuring that the properties we showcase look great. Ali loves the photography but would rather not work on the editing side of things. That’s why he and Backbone are a match made in heaven! Ali gets to deliver his high-quality photographs. Backbone makes sure they are exactly what they need to be in order to attract clients and sell properties.

That’s one of the huge benefits of working with Backbone. We are a community of creatives, each with a diverse skillset. All of these skills together allow us to deliver the best real estate visuals for clients across Europe. No matter what your skills are, we can work together.

Ali loves being able to capture a moment in time. And photography is just that. The fraction of a second that passes when the camera shutter clicks has gone forever. But the image that a skilled photographer captures at this split second will last for eternity. That is what we’re trying to capture for our clients.

We cherish the work we get to do with our amazing community of creatives – and we want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Coming together to achieve great things is what we’re all about. We know you share our passion – long may it continue.

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