Do bad visuals make you visibly cringe?

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Who we are

We’re a team of young, result-driven, detail-oriented creatives who believe they can change our industry for the better. Do we think big? You bet. Would we have it any other way? Never.

Our mission

We’re creating the leading global brand for premium visual production, and we’re doing it in a local, human way.

At Backbone, we believe all businesses, from global brands to local shops, should have easy access to premium visuals. We also believe that artists should be able to fully focus on their crafts without worrying about finding their next customer.

And that’s exactly the world we’re building at Backbone. By combining the tech and the creative fields, and adding in a dose of personalized customer service, we’re able to deliver a pleasant experience and quality product for both brands and creatives.

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What’s important to us? Ownership, a human and reliable approach to work, a bold and rigorous mindset, and, of course, high-end content.

Let’s make non-cringeworthy things together.

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