Conoce al equipo

Meet Adéla, always one of the earlybirds 🐣 every morning at Backbone, a joyful Czech lady 🇨🇿 in our Frontend Developer team.

Adéla happens to have been immersed her whole life in IT 👩‍💻 thanks to her family. Mixing this factor with her passion for design, Frontend Developer was the perfect match for her and she decided to make a career change.

Meet Fabio Cameli, the artistic figure of the team, 👨🏻 from the beautiful Adriatic Coast Italy 🇮🇹, who also happens to be our Head of Post-Production.

Photography has always been a passion of his but it all really started when he began to work as a photographer.

Meet Arauld, our Finance Manager / Videomaker / Foodie…

Outside of work, Arauld has a passion for video production. 🎥
He loves the entire process of it, from the shooting to the editing. He even thought about creating his own video production company a few years back.

Meet Suzanne, Backbone’s Swiss army knife and #Operations Lead.

Suzanne is one of a kind 👀. Her polyvalent skills and her previous experiences give her the ability to jump from a project to another and to work on strategic cross-department initiatives.

Meet Patrick Milani, the cinemaddict 🎬 of Backbone and one of our #pre-production experts based in Berlin 🇩🇪 .

Born and raised in Brazil 🇧🇷, Patrick is, just like Backbone, a melting pot of cultures as he also has roots in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy and Armenia.

Meet Ylenia Bruzzese, our electronic music expert 🎤 🎊and Photography Specialist from Ticino 🇨🇭.

As a Photography Specialist at #Backbone, Ylenia works on controlling the quality of every photo, video, staging... well you got it, she checks every type of visual Backbone produces 😁

Meet Lena Stiefvater, our rhythmic gymnast (once on the podium 🏆) #Product Coordinator from Alsace 🇫🇷.

At #Backbone since 2019, Lena is among the first employees who have joined the team.

Meet Michal Švácha, our violin prodigy 🎻 from Prague 🇨🇿 who also happens to be our Lead Engineer.

Growing up in a tech environment, it was a natural choice for him to choose this path. Still, music was and will always be his other great passion.