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A new era in real estate sales & marketing

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Our shared vision

In an industry ripe for revolution, Backbone and IMOGENT have joined forces, not just to lead but to redefine the landscape of real estate sales and marketing in the DACH region.

Together, we stand as the new leader, not only delivering for the current expectations of real estate professionals but also preempting and solving challenges that have yet to emerge on their radar. Our vision is clear: to craft a future where every real estate professional is empowered with the most advanced, intuitive tools and services, making every transaction smoother, faster, and more efficient. We're not just participating in the market; we're driving it forward, fueled by our passion, our technology, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

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Empowering real estate professionals with advanced marketing solutions and energy transition support

In the spirit of this acquisition, we're meticulously blending Backbone and IMOGENT's strengths, uniting our expansive market reach, unmatched visual production capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and scalable API integrations. This strategic fusion forges a hub of real estate marketing services, where our combined arsenal now boasts over 10 essential products and services, soon to be seamlessly accessible through a single, streamlined platform.

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By harmonizing our resources, we not only simplify your access to premier real estate marketing tools but also prepare to extend a critical service for today's eco-conscious market: Energy Certificates and assessments.

As we steer towards a sustainable future, the imperative challenge of the energy transition in the real estate sector looms large. Anticipating this, our unified entity is set to make Energy Certificates available to all our clients earlier in the sales funnel, once integration is finalized. Previously a unique advantage for IMOGENT's clientele, this essential service will soon be a powerful tool for the entire Backbone client base, underlining our unwavering commitment to supporting you across all transactional aspects.

What’s in there for you 🫵

This merger marks the dawn of a new era, where Backbone and IMOGENT collectively redefine what's possible in real estate. Here's what this means for you:

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✔ Instant access to over 10 cutting-edge products and services through a unified, platform in the DACH region.

✔ A vast network of top-tier professionals and creatives, rigorously vetted, ready to elevate your projects.

✔ Unparalleled flexibility and convenience, with services available around the clock, tailored for the ambitious real estate professional.

✔ Revolutionary collaboration and editing tools, empowering you to produce eye-catching, social media-ready content effortlessly.

✔ A comprehensive suite designed for crafting consistent, impactful messaging across all marketing channels.

✔ Our promise of speed and reliability, with services like 24-hour delivery for subscribers, concierge service, and key pickup, designed to streamline your operations.

“We are delighted to have IMOGENT’s team on board, united in revolutionizing property sales for unmatched speed and efficiency. Our goal is to become the favorite sales & marketing solution for over 5,000 real estate professionals in DACH by 2025.”

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Dorian de Vinck
Co-Founder & CEO

Navigating the transition together

To ensure a smooth integration, we have outlined three key steps:

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FAQs: Your guide to what's next

The acquisition will enhance our service offerings, providing you with access to a broader range of tools and resources, streamlined processes, and a comprehensive support network to boost your success in the real estate market.

Initially, both Backbone and IMOGENT will continue to operate separately, ensuring you continue to receive the services and products you rely on without disruption.

A dedicated integration team will manage the process, focusing on minimizing disruptions and maintaining the quality of service. You will receive timely updates from this summer to help you plan and adjust accordingly.

We are committed to transparency and will communicate any changes well in advance.

For further questions or concerns, you can email us at

Our priority is to ensure continuity and high standards of support for both entities. Customer support will remain accessible and responsive, with additional resources to address any merger-related inquiries.

As you can see, IMOGENT logo now displays the mention by Backbone. No further changes are planned for the time being. Backbone will remain unchanged.

The merger is designed to enhance the stability and reliability of our offerings, nothing will be released without the assurance to offer you the same level of quality and experience.

Our ambition is to integrate our services to offer all the products you may need. We will let you know as soon as they become accessible to you under one roof.

For any questions or to learn more about what this means for you, reach out to us at We're here to support you through this exciting new chapter.