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A ProTech collaboration

The evolving landscape of Swiss Real Estate

In 2021, as the Swiss real estate landscape buzzed with activity, it was clear that the industry was primed for a significant transformation. avendo, armed with their advanced property evaluation software, recognized the need for a visual dimension to complement and enhance their technological capabilities. They turned to us at Backbone, for our expertise in delivering high-quality visual content for property listings.

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avendo's role in enhancing real estate transactions

avendo has been instrumental in revolutionizing property evaluations and sales, providing comprehensive analytics and sophisticated software tools. Their technology streamlines complex processes and offers real estate professionals the insights needed to make faster, data-informed decisions.

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Backbone's contribution and strategic integration

At Backbone, we enhance the real estate process by providing high-quality visual content and digital solutions that speed up transactions. For avendo, we supply detailed photography and virtual tours that not only enrich their listings but also complement their analytical tools, thereby increasing the appeal and marketability of properties.

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Our collaborative efforts

From the beginning, our collaboration with avendo has been rooted in a shared commitment to excellence. avendo utilizes a broad spectrum of our services, particularly virtual tours, which represent 81% of their needs. This partnership does more than just enhance aesthetics; it transforms properties into compelling narratives that engage potential buyers.

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A promising collaboration

In the first year, avendo increased their investment in our services by 130%, indicating strong value and trust in our partnership. This growth has contributed to faster sales cycles, with a significant increase in transaction speed and lead generation. These developments suggest that our continued partnership will likely yield further advancements that enhance real estate professionals’ daily operations.