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Client Chat With Walde Immobilien

We are excited to share a client perspective from Marija Vietmeier, who is the marketing manager at Walde Immobilien. We've been working with Walde Immobilien for some time and are looking forward to continuing our positive working relationship. Client feedback is valuable so we know what we are doing right and what we might improve on. It also gives us ideas for new services that might be in demand. So we are grateful to Marija for taking the time to be a part of this video.

You've probably heard of Walde Immobilien. The family-owned business has been marketing residential, investment and new construction property projects for over 35 years in Zurich, Aargau and Central Switzerland. They offer a dedicated service taking care of all the client's needs, including marketing, photography and videography, among many other requirements.

Maria says high-quality imagery is essential for the success of their business. She says the first impression of a property needs to be shown in the best light possible to motivate the client to work with them.

When it comes to Backbone, Walde Immobilien loves photography and drone shots as well as videos, virtual tours and virtual stagings. She says that the customer-friendly online platform, where you can book everything very effortlessly, is also an attractive feature of Backbone's business model.

We constantly hear from clients like Walde Immobilien that they value high-quality work that is produced in a modern style with a quick turnaround. Photography is a valuable asset and video is getting huge as more companies realize it's the way of the future and preferred visual medium for many people. They are also keen to learn about and utilize new technology and often rely on partners like Backbone to educate them about such services and how they can benefit their business.

At Backbone, we are always researching new technology and looking for ways to incorporate it into our business.