Portrait of Creatives: Nicole Fernandez

Meet Nicole Fernandez, our talented Swiss Dominican photographer who left the fashion world to become a real estate photographer with Backbone.

In our latest video, the bubbly photographer talks about why she loves working with Backbone. She says Backbone allows her to do all the things she loves most. Travel, socializing and photography are her biggest passions in life and being able to combine these into a job is a dream come true, she says.

Nicole generously gives some tips for photographers and videographers. First, she says it is important to be well-prepared for every shoot, including making sure your gear is clean, charged and ready to go. Then you have to be organized and focused going into the job.

On location with clients, she checks every interior and exterior to make sure the spaces are looking as great as possible before she starts shooting. She also checks the angles and takes note of every architectural details big and small. Then she takes these amazing images that the clients always adore.

In Nicole's mind, Backbone, in three words, can be described as efficient, professional and friendly. That is also how we can describe her and many of our creatives who work for Backbone in Europe and all around the globe.

The inspiration to become a professional photographer came from Nicole's family, who were involved in the film industry since before Nicole was a baby. Growing up, she was exposed to the world of creativity and probably it was in her blood, too, we think. She enjoyed the route of fashion photography for six years before pivoting to real estate photography when she joined Backbone several years ago.

Going from the fashion world to photographing architecture is quite a big change and one that Nicole made naturally. She instantly felt inspired to be shooting residential and commercial buildings and hasn't looked back since. As they say, when one door closes and another opens and in this case, the door was literally and metaphorically the opportunity meant for this stage of Nicole's career.

We are lucky to have Nicole on the Backbone team and the clients are always giving glowing reviews about the quality of her work and her great customer service. Nicole has completed hundreds of Backbone assignments, built her portfolio and gained a lot of loyal clients and colleagues along the way. Her outgoing personality certainly is reflected in her work life and she approaches every job with a positive and professional attitude.

Backbone shines when it comes to real estate, architecture photography and videography but is excited to capture any other genres of work needed by our clients. Our open-minded approach to work is a big part of why creatives like Nicole are drawn to our community. We are excited to continually move forward, change and improve lives on business and professional levels. With that in mind we are so excited to see what next year brings!