Portraits of Creatives: Sophia Bennett

Today we meet Backbone freelance photographer Sophia Bennett who was thrilled to be a part of our video series about Backbone creators.

We interviewed this Geneva-based English creative and valued member of the Backbone team to learn more about her life and love of photography. We discovered she loves connecting with people through her work and learning about their stories.

Sophia describes the process of photographing people as an intimate moment that she can keep for herself and share with others. Indeed her collection of work shows a bond with her subjects, and her work has been published in renowned publications around the world, including The Washington Post, Le Monde and The New York Times.

Sophia was raised in Oman in the Middle East then studied photography at LCCA in Soho, London. Then she branched into press photography, where she was often the only woman at an event. This gave her the drive and ambition to prove herself and reach her goals. She has also worked on film sets as a stills photographer and an official photographer at CERN, one of the world's largest scientific centers. These days she spends a lot of her work time shooting luxury properties and real estate for Backbone, and her portfolio is full of impressive interiors and stunning exteriors.

Sophia consistently turns out quality assignments covering real estate and portraiture. This Nikon user has been working for Backbone for nearly three years, covering over 150 jobs so far. She says freedom and flexibility are highlights of working with Backbone and enjoys the ease of working with the supportive team. We echo her words right back at her. Sophia is easy to communicate with and always shows enthusiasm for shooting assignments for our clients.

Sophia's broad background, work experience, creative flair and an open mind to the world is something she has in common with many of our freelance creatives in Switzerland and around the globe. Our growing team is always ready to work, and we love seeing the places they get to visit and document around Europe and beyond.

We are always eager to hear from like-minded creatives to join our global freelance team. Formal training or a background in architectural work isn't essential if you have the required camera gear, the right attitude, and a love of photography and videography. If you have skills in both areas, even better!

Backbone offers training to new freelancers and ongoing education to all our team members, including those who have been with us since the beginning. We feel continued education is a positive way to give back to our creators and clients.

Backbone connects creators with clients looking for quality work covering real estate, corporate, portraiture, events and e-commerce. Outstanding work, flexibility, and positive thinking are leading qualities of our community members as we continue to be creative, grow and thrive in this exciting industry.


Thank you Sophia, we are glad to be able to work with you!

Discover the full interview by watching the video on the top of this page.