Portraits of Creatives: Stephen Connor

Stephen Connor is one of our talented creatives who came to us with a wealth of talent and passion that was a perfect fit for our community of Creatives.

In this video, the Dutch photographer talks about his experience working with Backbone for the past few years after arriving in Switzerland ready to work. We kept him busy with over 400 assignments, primarily for real estate photography and also delving into drone, videography, virtual tours and portrait and event work.

Aside from the job itself, he says the opportunity to work with Backbone has given him valuable experience, insight into Swiss culture and the chance to discover his region.

Describing a typical real estate shoot, he starts by using Google to gather information about the property and surroundings. When he greets the owner or realtor for a property tour, he already has some idea of the space he will be photographing. He is thorough with his angles and never overlooks details that can help bring a property to life. He also appreciates our in-house editors who polish his photos so he can concentrate on shooting.

We love his attention to detail, consistency, creativity and positive attitude.

After seven years in the Caribbean, Stephen swapped the sunny shores of Aruba for the cooler climate of Switzerland. From one beautiful place to another, his professional portfolio of work makes fascinating viewing. In Aruba, he was a professional visual designer who has been inspired by the tropics to dive deeper into the world of photography. Soon he was shooting commercial work which led him to start the first 360 virtual tour company in the region.

His diverse professional history, combined with an upbeat eagerness to create top-notch imagery, is what we look for in our global community of Creatives.


Thank you Stephen, we are proud to work with you!

Discover the full interview by watching the video on the top of this page.