Careers at BKBN

Joining BKBN means embarking on a thrilling global adventure. Our team spans 3 countries, 18 nationalities, and 12 languages. But there are a few common threads that bring our talent together: a passion for creativity, an eye for beauty, and high standards.

Sound familiar? Check out our job openings and reach out if you’d like to join us on our quest for reinventing visual content.

Our Values

We’re convinced that behind every fulfilling business relationship, there’s a shared set of core values. At BKBN, our beliefs, attitudes, behaviour, and vision all stem from three values:

1. Challenge the status quo

Innovate to move the lines and raise the bar, take risks and break things to make them better, champion the mission.

2. Think of your impact, own it, do it.

In every task and challenge, think of the impact your ideas will have on stakeholders, be accountable of your responsibilities, go the extra mile, be reliable. Your actions have a real impact.

3. Be direct and kind

This is how we innovate, work and communicate. We want to be honest, direct and constructive (bring ideas & solutions), yet always respectful, with each others so that we are pushing each others to do our best work, and achieve our ambitious mission.