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Why should you hire a professional real estate photographer?

#1 First Impressions Count

Research shows that it takes around 50 milliseconds to form an opinion when landing on a webpage. And visuals are often the first thing that someone spots when browsing for a property to buy. Professional visuals change the way potential buyers feel about the real estate you have listed. They want to find out more.

#2 Social Media Prominence

As social media becomes more and more prominent when it comes to marketing a home and selling a home, visuals come to the fore. Imagine scrolling down a social media feed. What are the items that catch the eye and make the best first impression? It’s visuals every single time. Leveraging the awesome power of social media as a real estate agent / a broker depends on getting those key visuals right. If they look great, then they will be shared - and land under hundreds of pairs of eyes in a very short space of time. This multiplies the effect you get from your marketing effort.

#3 It Saves Your Valuable Time

Capturing images right takes time. If you’re anything like the perfectionists we are, then you will want the images to showcase all that’s amazing about the real estates you are listing. And that takes time to set up the visuals correctly, staging the property to look its best. And then there’s the editing, bringing the visuals to life. Save time by subbing this work out to a professional who will represent your listings in the best way. It saves you hours and hours of work per week that you can spend focusing on delivering excellent customer service. This is one of the most overlooked of the reasons why realtors need professional visuals for your listings.

#4 Stand Out From The Crowd

Let’s be honest, there are some pretty poor examples of real estate photography. We don’t all know how to photograph. It’s a skill that takes time and practice. There are even websites dedicated to poor real estate photography. You don’t want to appear in any of these lists. As someone scrolls through all real estate listings, they will stop at professional visuals and want to find out more. Standing out from the crowd has never been more important with competition fierce and vendors looking for reasons to choose you as a real estate agent. Online-only competition is proliferating the market. Part of the fightback is to offer a better product. Professional visuals are part of this. We pull out the architectural details that stand your listings out from the crowd.

#5 Listings Sell Faster

Number five on our list of reasons why you need professional visuals for your listings is the speed at which you can sell the properties on your books. It has actually been shown that listings with professional visuals sell 32% faster. And that’s a pretty impressive figure. Selling homes more quickly keeps vendors happy and they tell others how well you did. Word of mouth is a hugely powerful marketing tool. Unleash it with professional visuals.

Professional photography turns average photos into great ones and takes average property listings into ones that sell. You’re the experts at selling homes. We’re the experts at taking high quality visuals for your clients. Together we can do great things.

What do we offer in terms of real estate photography?

At Backbone, we produce all types of real estate visuals - photos, videos, 3D stagings, virtual tours, floor plans, 3D renderings - regardless of how many you require. We are involved at every stage of the real estate cycle, from construction to promotion to property management. All visuals are produced by professional photographers, videographers, or 3D experts specialising in the sector and all know how to photograph excellently. Commercial photography at your fingertips.

We offer different photo packages, depending on the size of the open-house/open-flat you need to advertise. Choose between a pack of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 real estate photos and get high quality and professional photos for your listings in one photo shoot.
We shoot, we edit, delivers your photos within 48 hours. Yes, it’s that quick!

Our dedicated team works with estate agents, private landlords, businesses, developers, and architects to enhance the marketing of their properties with premium visuals that are delivered quickly, affordably and in keeping with your agency's identity.

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How much does a real estate photographer cost?

Hiring a professional real estate photographer can be hugely expensive and time-consuming.

This is especially because independent photographers have to include numerous factors in their price: transportation costs, editing costs, administrative costs…

It is simple, for an hour of shooting, it is an average of 7 hours additional hours spent on the road, preparing invoices, communicating – all the things that a creative has to do for every single order.

With Backbone, everything is optimized: we make sure to assign local real estate photographers to reduce transportation costs to a minimum, we deal with the administrative process to remove this burden for the shoulders of our photographers…

All these optimizations allow the photographer to earn decent money, while drastically reducing the price of the photos for the real estate agent. A pack of 10 photos starts at 149 Euros.

This price is transparent and includes the Creative's (photographer's) remuneration, the Creative's (photographer's) transport costs, the cost of editing the images, and of the final quality control. The photography business is our business – let us help you sell properties.

How does it work?

Let's say you want photos for an apartment you are putting up for sale.
All you have to do is go to our platform

After creating your free account, you can place an order in just a couple of minutes.
Tell us where the property is located and choose the package - 10/20/30 photos - that suits the size of the apartment.

You let us know the details of the person who will be onsite to welcome the Creative - photographer - as well as the date and time that suits you.

You confirm your order and that's it! Appointment in time for the photoshoot – and in time for your marketing.

Within 48 hours of the photoshoot, you will receive the photos of the property.
Choose only the best out of the broader selection, and download them in your preferred format

For more information on how our service works, please contact us at

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