If you do not have a Backbone account yet:
First, you need to create a Backbone account by clicking on the top right button "Order visuals". Then click on the "Login" button.
The creation of a Backbone account requires a valid email address and a password.

Once your account is created and connected, click on "Order visuals" then select the desired service and follow the instructions.


If you already have a Backbone account:
Just click on the button at the top right "Order visuals" then "Login". Once logged in, click on "order visuals" then select the desired service and follow the instructions.

The earlier the better.
However, all orders are accepted and guaranteed to be executed up to 48 hours before the shoot.

Photos, videos, virtual tours, drones, ground plans, stagings

Backbone guarantees delivery of visuals within 48 working hours following the shooting (working days), or receipt of visuals to be modified (for editions or stagings).



The average delivery time for rendering images is 6 to 10 working days (depending on the chosen rendering quality) from the delivery of the complete briefing. Delivery times may vary depending on revisions.

We choose the Creative with the required expertise, in your region and according to his or her availability. If, however, you particularly appreciate the services of one of them, you can let us know in the comments and we will do our best to ensure that your request is considered.

A few days after uploading your visuals, you will receive your invoice by email.
Payment must be made within 30 days.
Monthly invoices are possible as part of a contract.


To become a member of our community: click on "Join the community" (Creative section). You must first provide some information about yourself and the equipment you use and finally tell us your preferred region.

Once the tests have been carried out and the required documents approved, you will be able to access your Backbone account and, as soon as we have a request in your region corresponding to your expertise, we will call you for your first assignment.

- We offer you assignments. You are free to choose which ones you accept and which ones you refuse.

- For those that you accept, you go to the location and carry out the mission (following a briefing with one of our team members).

- You upload your RAW content on the platform, invoice and get paid a few days later. And since Backbone takes care of the editing, you can start your next project without delay!

We offer Backbone Creatives many and varied assignments in their region.
We find the clients for you, we take care of the relationship, the editing and the invoicing. It's up to you to choose which mission you accept or not.

For you: more income, more flexibility and fewer tedious tasks.

The number of assignments you will receive will depend on your availability, the quality of your work during previous assignments, your expertise in different areas of photography and finally the equipment you own.

Payment will be made within an average of 2 weeks after the validation of your invoice.