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A-List Listings

Sometimes all it takes is an expert touch to make you stand out. At Backbone, we put our extensive real estate experience and seasoned creatives to work for you and your properties.

We offer all types of visuals at scale, and at every stage of the real estate cycle, from construction to promotion to property management. All visuals are shot by creatives specialized in the real estate space and tailored to your agency’s distinct style.

One Platform for All

With our intuitive platform, the entire production process becomes turnkey. You can order your visuals in just one minute, choose and download your favourites, and store everything on our centralized cloud.

A Dedicated Team

Every Backbone Real Estate project has a dedicated Experience Leader. You could think of them as a coordinator meets manager meets quality assurance go-to.

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Backbone Photo

You only get one shot at making a lasting first impression. Bet on attention-grabbing visuals to attract new customers, and trust us to put the best of the industry at your service.

Virtual visit

Backbone Virtual Visit

Let your prospects visit your property from the comfort of their own homes. Supported by Matterport technology, we deliver compelling, immersive virtual visits.

Backbone Video

No more dull listings with choppy videos. Tasteful HD content is the best way to bring your properties to life, and we’ll produce it for you without making the process a production.

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Backbone Drone

Buyers’ expectations are sky-high, and drone footage is the way to exceed them. Trust us to deliver the content that brings a new perspective on your properties.

Backbone 3D Staging

Personality is underrated. With our 3D staging techniques, you can help your customers project themselves in your properties by showing striking features and updating empty spaces or tired decor.

3d floor plan

Floor plan

The floor’s all yours. We provide precise floor and 3D plans of your property for an added level of clarity.

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Don't let substandard images damage your brand. Upgrade your photos with our editing services, while adding variety to your content with our timelapse and slideshow features.

3D Rendering

Get close to the real thing. With our 3D rendering capabilities, your prospective buyers can explore your properties in the utmost detail. Constructing an entire building, or neighborhood? We can model it with just a floorplan.

"Backbone in 3 words? Availability, efficiency and professionalism."

Nicolas Hauser - Pilet & Renaud Transactions