Learn from the Best

Experts are always made, not born. Mastery takes time, sweat and devotion. We started putting some content together for you with the ambition to help you develop your skills.

Whether video, article or podcast, we hope the tips or inspiration you’ll get from these experts in their domain will help you reach your next level.

Nathan Cool Photo

Nathan Cool Photo

An American real estate photographer who has written books on real estate photography and trained photographers from around the world. Find here his tips and tricks from the shooting to the editing.

Parker Walbec 2

Parker Walbeck

Is a great filmmaker and communicator that helps videographers develop their filmmaking skills via his blog and his Online Film School. Find more about video material reviews, how to shoot and edit videos.

Becki and Chris

Becki and Chris

These two launched an online photo/video club called Pixel and Lens Visuals Club. A community of visual creators to come together, learn, share knowledge and get inspired. You’ll find every sort of useful tips, equipment reviews, inspirational stories etc

Kevin Mendoza

Kevin Mendoza

Find here tips and tricks on filming and editing techniques, gear reviews along with marketing and business strategies.

The Bite Shot Culinary Photo

The Bite Shot

Joanie is an educator at heart! That's why she's been sharing videos on YouTube about how to capture food in photos for more than 4 years. The channel, The Bite Shot, quickly took off to reach a community of thousands of enthusiastic food photographers.

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler Photography

Do you want to know more about fashion and portrait photography? Well, we found the perfect youtube channel for you! Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer and educator. In her videos, she shares tips and tricks to help you capture stunning portraits.

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