Virtual Staging

3D Staging

Important to know

A virtual staging enables furniture replacement and room decoration. For further changes, upgrade to an advanced staging (walls and floors modifications).

"Transform any space, furnished or not, with Backbone's 3D staging. Our product helps buyers envision themselves in the environment, speeding up decision-making."

Testimonial Camille
Camille Zimmermann
Marketing Manager
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"Renting a commercial space marks a milestone in one's entrepreneurial journey. Providing an image showcasing the space's potential empowers prospects to take the next step in their business venture."

Testimonial Kosta
Kosta Dimitrijevic
Quality Specialist

Advanced 3D Staging

Important to know

Advanced staging involves not only replacing furniture and decorating rooms but also modifying walls and floors.

360 Staging

"For a dynamic and immersive experience that truly engages your prospects, opt for a 360° staging. Create a tour that transports them directly into the environment, making them feel as if they are experiencing it firsthand."

Testimonial Suzanne
Suzanne Le Mouel
Head of Marketing