Case Study: Improving Our Platform For Our Creatives Community

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The Challenge

Backbone is constantly looking at ways to improve the work experience for our Creatives community. Since it's been 1.5 years since the Backbone platform launched, we decided to improve its features and make it easier to use.

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The Proposal

The product team proposed a research project with in-depth interviews to discover what our creatives needed from the platform. From the recruitment process to the experience before, during, and after a Backbone shoot, we heard what you had to say. A questionnaire also let us know your opinions, frustrations and wishes. The results would let Backbone target key issues and plan strategic workshops and exercises to improve the platform.

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Product Strategy And Research

We gathered the Backbone employees involved in the interview process and ran workshops designed to help us improve the creative's journey.

The sessions incorporated research insights to define further the key elements identified so far.

The Results

After collecting and analyzing the data from the questionnaires and interviews, we were able to pinpoint three areas for the product team to work on:

- Improving the post-shoot experience through feedback and better explaining the entire Backbone process

- Optimization of your schedules

- Better organization of the platform in general, such as uploading images and providing information about your assignments

Naturally, we can't implement everything at once so we've prioritized. Since the lack of feedback after a shoot was highlighted in the interviews and questionnaires, we will work on this first.

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We want to thank the volunteers again for taking the time for the interviews. We hope you were able to buy something nice for yourself with the Amazon vouchers. Also, thank you to all the creatives who answered the questionnaires.

We look forward to more positive discussions soon!